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Your brand and design partner, specialising in reflecting the power of your unique brand through design to grow your business long-term.

Brand can be a confusing marketing term, but let’s jargon-bust it. Your business reflects your brand. Your brand reflects your business.

Your brand is not your logo, your brand is your business soul.

Brand is the unique reflection of who you are (your values), what you do (your mission) and who you serve (your target audience). I call this your ‘Brand Foundation’.

Your Brand Foundation is the base that all aspects of your business is built upon. 

Where the magic happens is reflecting your Brand Foundation into your visual brand identity to demonstrate your expertise and credibility to the world.


How we'll work together


We’ll begin with a brand consultation to define your brand foundation, resulting in a strategy of how design can best support your business growth.


Utilising my 11 years experience in the industry, I’ll create designs that elevates and celebrates your unique brand, and is tailored to the objectives you’re looking to achieve.


But no design is created to be put in the corner. Following design creation, we’ll decide the best method of launching to optimise results you’re looking for. 

Recent work

About me

Knowing the exact amount of years I’ve been a designer is difficult. As a child, I found joy in drawing and designing.

Specifically at 15, I had my first work experience in the industry. At 17, I rebranded my driving instructor’s business. At 18, I began my degree in Graphic Design, resulting in achieving a first-class honours. And post-graduation, I dived into my career in the industry.

Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with some of the world’s biggest brands across a plethora of projects, but what feeds my soul is supporting small businesses. 

So after many years working in marketing agencies, in 2020, I took the leap and started &Karen Hall.

As you can see, my life has always been led by a passion for design and how it is utilised as a communication tool. 

But what drives me is how I can help people. And voilà! This is how &Karen Hall was born. A partnership between you & me, and how I can help you through the power of design.

"Known and worked with Karen for many years. You won't find an easier designer to work with. Work is first class."

Gareth Winterton

CEO, Hospitality Digital Services


Monday 09:00-17:30

Tuesday 09:00-17:30

Wednesday 09:00-17:30

Thursday 09:00-17:30

Friday 09:00-17:30




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